Girls Track

State 2nd Place
State 3rd Place
State 4th Place

Girls Softball
State 2nd Place
Boys Football
 State Champions
1970, 1972, 1978,
1985, 1991
State 2nd Place
1988, 1993,
State Semi-Finalist
1976, 1986, 1987,
1997, 2008

Boys Basketball
State Champions
State 2nd Place
1982, 1997, 1998
State 4th place

Girls  Basketball
State 2nd Place
State 4th place

State 3rd Place
State 4th Place
1940, 1990

Boys Golf
State Champions
1980, 1987

Girls Golf
State 2nd Place
State 3rd Place
State 4th Place
1989, 2003

Girls Tennis
State 4th Place

Boys Track
Outdoor State Champions
Outdoor 2nd Place
Outdoor 3rd Place
Outdoor 4th Place
State Champions
1939, 1940


Picture Of The Day

Chillicothe Football vs Marshall
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Saturday morning or afternoon
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Latest News

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Hornets History

             Fun Facts About The CHS Hornets
So, you think you've heard all the stories and know all the records about Chillicothe sports? Well check out these fun facts covering all Chillicothe Sports.
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A Salute To Hornet Champions!

     Chillicothe has had dozens of teams and individuals that have won State Championships in their sport. Here's a salute to them!    <view>

All State Hornet Football Players <view>
All State Hornet Basketball Players <view>
All State Lady Hornets Basketball Players <view>
CHS Sports Action Pictures 1900 - 1960 <view>
CHS Sports Action Pictures 1960 - 2000 <view>


Hornets In The NFL

 Six former Chillicothe Hornet football players have spent some time in professional football. Can you name all six? 




Monday August 25
Girls Tennis at Savannah - 4:00pm
Girls Golf at Cameron - 4:00pm
9th/JV Football at Marshall - 5;00pm

Tuesday August 26
Girls Tennis at Cameron
Boys Soccer at Excelsior Springs

Wed August 27
Girls Golf vs Trenton & Putnam Co
Girls Tennis vs Trenton 4:00pm

Thursday August 28
Girls Tennis at Marshall - 4:00pm
Girls Softball at Lawson - 4:30pm
Girls Volleyball at Trenton 5:00pm
Boys Soccer at Kirksville - 5:00pm



Senior Salute

(pic stolen from Nick's Facebook page)
Nick Meyers
Running Back/Defensive Back
"Be an encourager, not a discourager"
<Nick Meyers Interview>


Pre-Season Sports Shows

Preseason Sports Shows
Softball Coach Stan Baldwin
<Stan Baldwin Interview Part 1>
<Stan Baldwin Interview  Part 2>
Football Coach
Phil Willard
<Phil Willard Interview Part 1>
<Phil Willard Interview  Part 2>

Soccer Coach Tim Cunningham
<Tim Cunningham Interview Part 1>
<Tim Cunningham Interview  Part 2>
Girls Golf Coach Bob Long
<Bob Long Interview Part 1>
<Bob Long Interview Part 2>
(More Coaches Coming Soon)


 Records were either compiled through research or provided by Coaches. Athletes still in school are not included in career records until they have finished their Senior season.
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