Hornets Soccer
9/1 - 2 /2016 Excelsior Springs Round Robin Tournament

Game One 9/1/2016
     Excelsior Springs scored three goals in each half and beat Chillicothe 6 - 1. Chillicothe's lone goal came in the 77th minute by Bryce Hague off a Jacob Anderson assist. Excelsior Springs scoring details were not provided, and they did not provide a roster.
     Chillicothe Goalkeeper Drew Toedebusch had 12 saves on goal

Game Two 9/3/2016
Bryce Hague had two goals and an assist to lead the Hornets Soccer team to a 3-0 win over Warrensburg. Hague scored in the 28th minute off a Ridge Howe assist, Howe scored in the 68th minute off a Hague assist then Hague scored in the 70th minute off a Logan Minnick assist. Goalkeeper Drew Toedebusch had 10 saves on goal.

Game Three 9/3/2016
Chillicothe and Maryville battled to a scoreless tie in the final game of the Excelsior Springs Round Robin tournament. Drew Toadebusch had 12 saves on goal. The two teams tied for 2nd in the tournament, but Maryville was declared 2nd place and Chillicothe 3rd due the tiebreaker of most goals scored.

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