Hornet Boys Tennis
5/1/2017 at Chillicothe 8, Lafayette 1
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Story by Coach Long
1. Max Anderson/Jacob Henington defeated Miller Hadley/Jon Taylor 8-0
2. Dalton Rosenbach/Nick Malloy defeated Colbey Curtis/Dennis Rainez 8-1
3. Tyler Maasdam/Bryce Larson won by forfeit

1. Max Anderson lost to Hadley 1-8
2. Jacob Henington defeated Taylor 8-4
3. Dalton Rosenbach defeated Curtis 8-0
4. Tyler Maasdam defeated Dylan Tovey 8-0
5. Nick Malloy defeated Rainez 8-2
6. Bryce Larson won by forfeit

The Chillicothe Hornets Boys' Tennis team (5-5) hosted the Lafayette Fighting Irish at Daryl Danner Memorial Park. The Hornets defeated the depleted Irish team 8-1. Max Anderson and Jacob Henington, off of their second place doubles finish at the MEC tournament, was able to avoid the talented Miller Hadley and win 8-0 in doubles. As they cleared the court, Dalton Rosenbach and Jacob Henington won 8-1 giving Chillicothe the sweep in doubles. Meanwhile, Tyler Maasdam was finishing his singles victory 8-0. Dalton Rosenbach won convincingly 8-0 in singles, while Nick Malloy began 2-2. Nick found his stride and won 8-2. Max Anderson had his hands full with Hadley, getting only 1 game from him. Jacob Henington was out to a big lead 7-2 and eventually won 8-4.

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