Hornet Boys Tennis
5/4/2017 Maryville 6, at Chillicothe 3
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Story by Coach Long
1. Max Anderson/Jacob Henington lost to Peter Kempf/Brady Archer 1-8
2. Dalton Rosenbach/Nick Malloy lost to Chance Hermelink/Corby Roush 0-8
3. Tyler Maasdam/Bryce Larson defeated Mason Walk/Blake Schreck 8-2

1. Max Anderson lost to Kempf 6-8
2. Jacob Henington lost to Archer 5-8
3. Dalton Rosenbach lost to Roush 3-8
4. Tyler Maasdam defeated Walk 9-8 (7-0)
5. Nick Malloy lost to Schreck 5-8
6. Bryce Larson defeated Blake Clements 8-5

The Chillicothe Hornets Boys' Tennis team (5-6) lost 3-6 to the Maryville Spoofhounds. The Hornets despite having lost to LeBlond earlier in the season, would have had a three way tie for first place in the conference with a victory. None of the doubles matches were close. Tyler Maasdam and Bryce Larson secured one win on the Hornets side. Max Anderson and Jacob Henington faced Kempf and Archer, who they had lost to in the conference tournament final. Winning four of the six singles looked like a monumental task, but Chillicothe was leading in four of them and Nick Malloy was keeping his close. Senior Max Anderson competes every time out. He was up 6-3 on Kempf, before losing control Max forced the talented Spoofhound to play a patient, technical game as opposed to a slug-fest. Jacob Henington also had a 4-3 lead on the heavy hitting Archer. Senior Bryce Larson had a good evening winning in doubles and singles. Sophomore Hornet Tyler Maasdam is tough to beat in the number four spot. Despite giving up his 7-5 lead, Tyler left no doubt in the tie-breaker winning 9-8 (7-0).

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