Hornet Boys Tennis
5/5/2017 Benton Tournament
6th Place Team
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Story by Coach Long
Chillicothe lost to Savannah 2-3:
1. Jacob Henington lost to Tage Young 2-10
2. Nick Malloy defeated Josh Hageman 10-7

1. Dalton Rosenbach/Tyler Maasdam defeated Aiden Ervin/Raven Handsaker 10-5
2. Seth Bayte/Grahm Mayers lost to Bayen Krumme/Jake Kennedy 0-10
3. Brenden Nelson/Noah Crowe lost to Kyle Johnson/Kris Rudell 1-10

Chillicothe defeated Lafayette 4-1:
1. Jacob Henington lost to Miller Hadley 1-10
2. Nick Malloy defeated Jon Taylor 10-4

1. Dalton Rosenbach/Tyler Maasdam defeated Dylan Tovey/Colby Curtis 10-0
2. Seth Bayte/Grahm Mayers won by forfeit 10-0
3. Brenden Nelson/Noah Crowe won by forfeit 10-0

Chillicothe lost to Benton 2-3:
1. Jacob Henington lost to Bostyn Horn 3-10
2. Nick Malloy defeated Spencer Hendrix 10-4

1. Dalton Rosenbach/Tyler Maasdam defeated Payton Redemer/Austin Turner 10-4
2. Seth Bayte/Grahm Mayers lost to Josten Hailey/Wyatt Phillips 0-10
3. Brenden Nelson/Noah Crowe lost to Calen Taylor/Jared Silvey 8-10

     The Chillicothe Hornets Boys tennis team (6-8) took sixth place in the Benton Invitational Tennis tournament held at Noyes courts in St Joseph. Chillicothe began the day as the fourth seed in the eight team event. The Hornets got off to a good start winning the number two singles and number one doubles against Savannah. The Hornets were missing several seniors due to graduation events and the junior varsity players sophomore Seth Bayte and freshmen Brenden Nelson, Noah Crowe, and Grahm Mayers were given the opportunity and the pressure. Competing against players ranking 5-10 spots ahead of them, the Hornets were unable to get the third win necessary for the victory.
In the second round, the Hornets drew Lafayette whom they had defeated 8-1 earlier in the week. Senior Jacob Henington accepted the challenge of playing the number one players from first Savannah, then Lafayette and finally Benton. Each round Jacob had tougher competition and each round Jacob fought harder with little to show. As in the previous round senior Nick Malloy won in singles and the doubles team of senior Dalton Rosenbach and sophomore Tyler Maasdam won. With Lafayette unable to provide a full team the Hornets advanced to the consolation final against Benton.
     The trend continued, Malloy won as did Rosenbach and Maasdam. With the consolation plaque at stake freshmen Brenden Nelson and Noah Crowe appeared up for the pressure. Brenden is the number 12 player and Noah is 13th on the Hornet squad, trying to knock off players 6 and 7 on the Benton squad. The match went back and forth with the Hornets regaining a narrow lead at 5-4. Then the Benton pair took a lead at 6-5. Nelson and Crowe tied it up at 8-8 before losing the battle at 8-10.
      The individual points leader in each category (#1 singles, #2 singles, #1doubles etc) received a medal. Nick Malloy was 3-0 on the day and took the silver medal in #2 singles. Dalton Rosenbach and Tyler Maasdam were also 3-0 and won the silver medal in #1 doubles. The Hornets begin district team competition by hosting Cameron on Monday, May 8.

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