Hornet Boys Tennis
4/11/2017 LeBlond 8, at Chillicothe 1
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(Story by Coach Bob Long)
1. Max Anderson/Jacob Henington lost to John Lierz/Teddy Summers 0-8
2. Dalton Rosenbach/Nick Malloy lost to Andy Burns/Sean Davis 7-9
3. Tyler Maasdam/Bryce Larson lost to Caleb Lombardino/Gian Lombardino 6-8
1. Max Anderson lost to Lierz 0-8
2. Jacob Henington lost to Summers 3-8
3. Dalton Rosenbach defeated Burns 8-1
4. Tyler Maasdam lost to Davis 6-8
5. Nick Malloy lost to Caleb Lombardino 1-8
6. Bryce Larson lost to Gian Lombardino 6-8

     The Chillicothe Hornets Boys' Tennis team (2-3) hosted St Joseph Bishop LeBlond at Daryl Danner Memorial Park. Seniors Max Anderson and Jacob Henington weren't able to find any flaws in the Golden Eagle duo of Lierz and Summers. Senior Bryce Larson and sophomore Tyler Maasdam lost their first doubles dual match of the season. The Hornet team held it close throughout, but were unable to get the upper hand. Seniors Dalton Rosenbach and Nick Malloy forced the team of Davis and Burns to earn the doubles sweep. Burns and Davis had finished in fourth place at the Cameron Invitational.
     In singles play, Max Anderson couldn't turn the tide against the Cameron Invitational singles champion Lierz. Bryce Larson fell behind early 2-6. After closing the gap to 5-6, G. Lombardino played well to wrestle the match away from the athletic Hornet. Nick Malloy gave everything he had in the doubles contest, and despite playing terrific singles of late, he couldn't regain his stroke. Jacob Henington contested every game of his singles match, but only come out on the winning side three times. Dalton Rosenbach played his best doubles match of the season followed by his best singles match. He ran out to a 5-0 lead, and eventually won decisively 8-1. Tyler Maasdam was the only varsity player left on the court. Tyler entered the match 4-0 in singles and 4-0 in doubles (dual matches). Tyler found himself on the losing side of the back and forth match at the wrong time.

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