Hornet Boys Tennis
4/13-14/2017 Kirksville "Under The Lights" Tournament
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(Story by Coach Bob Long)
Max Anderson/Jacob Henington
lost to
     Lindell Frye/Alex Schnurr (Grain Valley) 1-8
     Ruslan Pultz/Bennett Hoshaw (Kirksville) 3-8
     Nick Shields/Jacob Davis (Trenton) 6-8

Dalton Rosenbach/Nick Malloy lost to
     Arnold Addison/Colton Campbell (Grain Valley) 4-8
     Garrett Johnson/James Hendler (Kirksville) 8-9 (4-7)
     Kade Ockenfels/Creed Houghton (Trenton) 5-8

Bryce Larson/Blake Winfrey lost to
     Joel Florida/Hunter Quentrell (Grain Valley) 0-8
     Reza Hamidi/Charles Fraser (Kirksville) 5-8
     Wyatt Neal/Gabriel Swann (Trenton) 3-8

Max Anderson lost to
     Frye 3-8, Pultz 1-8, Shields 0-8

Jacob Henington lost to
     Arnold 0-8, Hoshaw 2-8, Davis 2-8

Dalton Rosenbach lost to
     Campbell 1-8, Johnson 2-8, Ockenfels 0-8

Bryce Larson lost to
     Schnurr 0-8, Hendler 5-8, Neal 7-9

Blake Winfrey lost to
     Hunter Hoagland (Grain Valley) 3-8, Hamidi 1-8, Houghton 3-8

     The Chillicothe Hornets traveled to Kirksville Thursday and Friday for a two day four team tournament. The Hornets played without their number four player sophomore Tyler Maasdam and on Friday without senior Nick Malloy. The Hornets got off to a tough start against the team from Grain Valley and then proved losing was contagious. The Hornets had leads of 6-0, 8-7 40-love, and 7-2 but couldn't finish. The Hornets look to get back on track with Trenton visiting on Tuesday, April 18.

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