Hornet Boys Tennis
4/1/2019 at St Pius X
Chillicothe 2, at KC St Pius 7

1. Tyler Maasdam/Seth Batye defeated Alex Finazzo/Aiden McClenney 8-5
2. Noah Crowe/Grahm Mayers lost to Sam Tomes/Nathan Storm 1-8
3. Brendon Nelson/Colten Johnson defeated Brian Schiesl/Frank Janacaro 8-4
1. Tyler Maasdam lost to Alex Finazzo 5-8
2. Noah Crowe lost to Aiden McClenney 1-8
3. Brendon Nelson lost to Sam Tomes 4-8
4. Seth Batye lost to Nathan Storm 2-8
5. Colten Johnson lost to Brian Schiesl 1-8
6. Gavin Sampsel lost to Frank Janacaro 6-8

Coach Bob Long Says:
The Chillicothe Boys' tennis team (1-3) lost to the St Pius Warriors in North Kansas City. The Hornets won two out of the three doubles matches, but couldn't find a victory in singles play. Seniors Tyler Maasdam and Seth Batye won a tough doubles match 8-5. Senior Colten Johnson and Junior Brendon Nelson also picked up a doubles win, with Brendon playing his best doubles match to date. Junior Gavin Sampsel came the closest to winning in singles with a 6-8 loss. Gavin was inserted into the varsity for the first time because of the injured ankle of Grahm Mayers. The Hornets host Richmond on Tuesday, April 2 at Daryl Danner Park

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