Lady Hornets Tennis
9/26/2019 Chillicothe 7 Trenton 2


1. Hunter Keithley defeated Lexi Gott 8-1
2. Macy Cavanah defeated Kendall Crowley 8-0
3. Hannah Zimmerman defeated Gwyneth Foster 8-1
4. Delaney May defeated Mallory Sole 8-2
5. Megan Sisson lost to Morgan Dolan 5-8
6. Leah Lourenco defeated Alaina Overton 8-2
1. Keithley/Zimmerman lost to Gott/Crowley 4-8
2. Cavanah/May defeated Foster/Sole 8-2
3. Sisson/Lourenco defeated Dolan/Overton 8-0

Coach Bob Long Says:
     The Chillicothe Hornets girls' tennis team (11-1; picked up three wins in the Tiger Invitational) defeated the Trenton Bulldogs 7-2 at Daryl Danner Memorial Park. Senior Macy Cavanah continues to pile up the wins. With two wins on the evening, Macy is 8-1 in doubles, and after her first place victory at the Excelsior Springs Tiger Invitational, is 12-1 in singles on the season. Junior Delaney May is just as dominant. Delaney is 8-1 in doubles with Macy and 11-2 in singles. Macy and Delaney won 8-2 in doubles and 8-0, 8-2 in singles. Senior Hunter Keithley lost a rare doubles match (12-2 on the season with Hannah Zimmerman), but won her singles match 8-1. Hunter is 7-2 in singles on the season. Senior Hannah Zimmerman made short work of her singles opponent, winning 8-1. Junior Megan Sisson and sophomore Leah Lourenco flipped their earlier loss to Trenton 5-8, by winning decisively 8-0. Leah won her singles match 8-2.

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