2020 Softball Post Season Honors
<Season Results>

All District 1st Team
Kinlei Boley - Pitcher
Hope Helton - Catcher
Sophia Luetticke - Outfield
Mika Hibner - Outfield
Kirsten Dunn- Infield
All District 2nd Team
Halle Rucker - Pitcher
Mollie Ellis - Outfield
Brooke Horton - Infield

All Region
1st Team Outfielder: Sophia Luetticke
2nd Team Pitcher: Kinlei Boley
2nd Team Catcher: Hope Helton
2nd Team Outfield: Mika Hibner
2nd Team Infield: Kirsten Dunn

There are four regions in the state in each class.
There were three players each for Pitcher, Catcher, Outfield, five Infielders and one utility player each for 1st team and 2nd team

All State
2nd Team Outfielder: Sophia Luetticke

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