10-18-2021 Boys Soccer
Chillicothe 3, at Hannibal 2 - Double OT - PK

First half scoring
Hannibal, Thomas Janes, Corner Kick, 24th minute
Chace Corbin, assisted by Ben Cueni Smith, 26th minute

Second half scoring
Chace Corbin, assisted by Drake Cosgrove, 56th minute
Hannibal, Drew Porter, 69th minute.

No scoring 1st 10 minute OT

No scoring 2nd 10 minute OT

PK Shoot out (3 - 2)
Hannibal - make
Chillicothe, Chace Corbin - make
Hannibal - miss wide left
Chillicothe, Nate King - make
Hannibal - miss, hit right post
Chillicothe, Drake Cosgrove - make
Hannibal - make
Chillicothe, Wyatt Brandsgaard - miss wide left
Hannibal, miss, save by Jaxon Albertson.

Jaxon Albertson with 17 saves.

Coach Seys:
An incredible performance against a very talented Hannibal team. We were challenged both physically and mentally throughout the match. Our guys rose to the occasion and played at a very high level.

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