Chillicothe Cross Country
10/12/21 at Cameron
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Coach Dickson Comments:
"Fantastic night on the Cameron Veteran's Memorial Golf Course! Fast course with a few hills, perfect weather, and great footing for our XCers! They blew me away tonight with how well they ran! They all felt great and almost everyone had a career PR. Train hard, recover hard is the process and with 4 meets in 10 days we really focused A LOT on the purpose of each day in the training process. They're doing a great job of pushing it hard when needed, and taking is easy when needed and it is showing. We take our easy days easy so we can maximize on really hard days. Multiple times in the boys race I told boys they HAD to pass the kid in front of them (a North Platte kid) for us to win, and in every single instance...they did! It really is a team effort and I love that when I say during a race the team needs this done, they will do whatever they can to make it happen. They're such a focused, determined, hard working group of kids and I love seeing all of that pay off for them!"

Team Results -
Varsity Boys - 1st place (of 7 full teams)
Varsity Girls - 2nd

Cain Evans - 3rd - 18:25 (career pr)
Austin Lyford - 7th - 19:20 (career pr)
Carter Shipers - 8th- 19:32 (career pr) - 1st sub-20!
Clayton Savage - 11th - 19:36 (career pr) - 1st sub-20!
Stephen Parkes - 15th - 20:01 (career pr)

Kadence Shipers -7th - 22:33 (career pr)
Juliann Gabrielson - 8th - 22:39 (Career pr) - 1st sub:23!
Aliyah Briner - 10th - 22:54 (season pr)
Yoo Jung Lee - 11th - 23:01 (career pr)
Alice Hurtgen - 13th - 23:39 (career pr) - 1st sub-24! "

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Varsity Boys     Varsity Girls

Boys Team



Cain Evans

3rd 18:25.0

Austin Lyford

7th 19:20.5

Carter Shipers

8th 19:32.8

Clayton Savage

11th 19:36.3

Stephen Parkes

15th 20:01.2

Alton Keller

24th 21:08.9

Ashton Baker

38th 22:13.0

66 Total Runners




Noah Heckman - North Platte


Girls Team



Kadence Shipers

7th 22:35.2

Juliann Gabrielson

8th 22:39.4

Aliyah Briner

10th 22:54.4

Yoo Jung Lee

11th 23:01.2

Alice Hurtgen

13th 23:39.1
 Karissa Fostek 34th 28:08.2

39 Total Runners



 Alex Sharp - Brookfield 19:32.4

Overall Boys Teams



Overall Girls Teams


1) Chillicothe


1) North Platte


2) North Platte


2) Chillicothe


3) Lathrop


3) Braymer


4) Savannah


Incomplete Teams


5) Bishop LeBlond


Savannah (4 Runners)


6) Kauffman


Meadville (3)


7) Polo


Bishop LeBlond (2)

 Incomplete Teams:    

Cameron (2)


Maysville (4 Runners)


Kauffman (2)


Mid Buchanan (4)


Lathrop (2)


Cameron (3)


Polo (2)


Meadville (3)


Brookfield (1)


Winston (3)


DeKalb (1)


DeKalb (2)

Mid Buchanan (1)

Osborn (2)



 Plattsburg (2)        
 Braymer (1)        


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