Lady Hornets Tennis
9/22/2021 Lafayette Invitational


     Olivia Anderson beat Jessica Sutton (Atchison, KS) 6-1, lost to Kally Horn (Benton) 0-6, lost to Iris Ideker (Bishop LeBlond) 1-6. Played for 5th and lost to J. Galapin from Maryville
     Audrey Snider beat JaZiah Williams (Atchison) 6-0, lost to Kendall Buntin (Benton) 2-6, lost to Emlly Weddle (Bishop LeBlond) 1-6. Played for 5th and lost to A. Schommer (Maryville) 2-6.
      Cami Carpenter/ Leah Lourenco beat Hailey Lanter/ Ivie Wolfe (Atchison) 6-0, beat Madaline Burright/Natalie Johnston (Benton) 6-3, lost to Murphy King/Peyton Netton (Bishop LeBlond) 5-7. Beat E.Lotspeich/M.Kretzer from Lafayette 6-3 to finish 3rd.
     Rylee Washburn/Izzy Garr beat Kengen Wilmes/Sarah Crowley (Maryville) 6-2, beat Danielle Baig/Vivi Woodson (Benton) 6-1, beat Katie King/Lilly Sullivan (Bishop LeBlond) 6-3. Lost to Lauren Cullin/Carsen Burns (Maryville) 2-6 to finish 2nd.

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