Lady Hornets Tennis
9/29/2021 MEC Individual Tournament
9/29/2021 St Joseph Bishop LeBlond make-up match


MEC Individual Tournament
Olivia Anderson lost to Jewl Galapin (Maryville) 5-8, beat Vivi Woodson (Benton) 8-0, lost to Kaise Holum (St Pius) 5-8
Audrey Snider lost to Iris Ideker (LeBlond) 0-8, lost to Erinn Litspeich (Lafayette) 1-8
Cami Carpenter/ Leah Lourenco beat Buntin/ Baig (Benton) 8-2, beat King/ Sullivan
(LeBlond) 6-7(3-7) 6-2, 10-7 third set tiebreaker, lost to Dunn/ Pernice (St Pius)
1-6, 1-6, lost to Johnston/ Burright (Benton) 4-8. Finished 4th overall.
Rylee Washburn/ Izzy Garr beat Davis/Scheerer (Lafayette) 8-3, lost to Johnston/
Burright ( Benton) 4-6, 1-6, lost to Skidmore/ Cullin (Maryville) 2-8

After the MEC individual tournament, the team stayed and played LeBlond in a make up match from 9/20. We decided to just play pro 6 no ad and when one team won 5 matches to stop the match.
LeBlond 5 Chillicothe 0
Cami Carpenter lost to Iris Ideker 2-6
Rylee Washburn was up 5-4 when we stopped the match
Leah Lourenco lost to Peyton Netton 0-6
Olivia Anderson lost to Murphy King 1-6
Audrey Snider lost to Mary King 0-6
Izzy Garr lost to Lily Sullivan 2-6

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