Hornets Tennis
District Team Finals
5/11/2023 at Trenton 5, Chillicothe 0


From Coach Weston Baker
Chillicothe earns 2nd place in Districts falling short to a strong Trenton Bulldogs team...
*only two singles matches were played due to overall dual score*
(Contest ends when a team reaches 5 wins)
Singles (0-2)
5. Andrew Snider lost to Markell 0-6, 0-6
6. Parker Savage lost  to Dixon 0-6, 1-6
Doubles (3-0)
1. Jadon Collins/Gabe Peterson lost to Villacamp/Sager 2-8
2. Josh Adams/Andrew Snider  lost to Sole/Otto 4 - 8
3.Jackson Reeter/Parker Savage lost to  Markell/Dixon 2-8

The team graduates 3 Seniors: Gabe Peterson, Jackson Reeter & Parker Savage

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