Lady Hornets Tennis
9/28/2022 at MEC Play


     On Wednesday, the Lady Hornets' tennis team traveled back to Noyes' Sports Complex once again for the annual MEC Championship tournament to see who would be named champion in Singles and Doubles play. Team conference standings were determined separately through season duals, not this tournament.
     Juniors Rylee Washburn and Isabella (Izzy) Garr dominated on the courts all day with powerhouse doubles play. Garr shined at the net with dozens of cross-court volleys to the gap and powerful first serves that were difficult for opponents to return. Washburn remained solid and steady with her full coverage baseline play, hitting rallys deep to the opposite baseline throughout every match and outrunning every competitor.
     The pair first beat Maryville's #2 Doubles team Shiel and Williams with a commanding 8-0 performance. Then, play moved to best 2 out of 3 sets, much like professional tennis, which the athletes had not yet played this year. This did not phase Chilli's dynamic duo as they beat St. Pius' #2 Doubles team of Holum and Mussorici 6-0, 6-0. Then, the Hornet pair had a redemption match against LeBlond's #1 Doubles pairing of sisters King & King who Washburn and Garr lost to in a tight match during the Benton Tournament, which cost the team a medal originally. This time, Washburn and Garr did not let up and convincingly won the semi-final match 6-0, 6-3.
     In the championship match-up, the pair faced off against St. Pius' #1 Doubles pair of sisters A. Dunn & K. Dunn who came in undefeated in the MEC this year as the clear #1 seed for the day's Doubles tournament. Washburn and Garr battled hard, taking most games to deuce and truly holding their own against such worthy opponents. Ultimately, St. Pius came away with the Doubles championship, but Coach Chambers was beyond thrilled with the high level of execution her players exhibited during such a high-quality match. The final score of the championship match was 3-6, 3-6.
     Chillicothe also played another doubles pair throughout the day for individual MEC results. Chillicothe's #2 Doubles Kieffer & Crowe barely lost a nail-biting first match against Benton's #1 Doubles team 6-8. However, they fought hard and won the next two matches against LeBlond's #2 pair 8-2 and Maryville's #1 pair 8-6. However, Kieffer and Crowe came up just one step short of the 5th place match after losing again to Benton's #1 team 1-8.
     In Singles' play, Cami Carpenter represented the Hornets in #1 singles and Bryton BeVelle in #2 singles. Carpenter won against Maryville 8-0, fell to Benton 6-7 (tie break 2-7), 4-6, and then fell to LeBlond 4-8. BeVelle had a tough first round draw against the tournament's #2 seed, Cameron's Twarowska, losing 1-8. But she bounced back quickly winning against Lafayette 9-7. Then, she lost a very close battle against Savannah 8-8 (tie break 3-7).

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