Hornets Soccer
9/05/2023 Chillicothe 6, Lafayette 0
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Coach Cunningham says:
      "I thought our guys competed really well tonight against a much improved Cameron team. We played a much better second half, and it was encouraging to watch our guys get better as the match progressed. I hope that it is a theme for this season, that we continue to get better each time we play.
      Jacob Adams and Jonathan Sanchez worked well tonight at the forward positions with support from Jadon Collins and Josh Adams. Our defense was solid, led by Tyler Stephens and Bradley Ferguson and James Mathew was very impressive in goal earning the shutout."


Chillicothe 1st Half 11:50 Jacob Adams goal, Josh Adams the assist
Chillicothe 1st Half 23:30 Jacob Adams goal, Jadon Collins the assist
Chillicothe 2nd Half 8:40 Jonny Sanchez goal, Jacob Adams the assist
Chillicothe 2nd Half 14:28 Jonny Sanchez goal, Coy Jones the assist
Chillicothe 2nd Half 17:28 Jadon Collins goal, Josh Adams the assist
Chillicothe 2nd Half 26:06 Jaden Collins goal, Jonny Sanchez the assist
Shots on Goal Chillicothe: 12 shots 5 corner kicks
Shots on Goal Lafayette: 6 shots, 2 corner kicks
Chillicothe Goalkeeper:  James Mathew - 6 saves
Lafayette Goalkeeper:: Ethan Hoecker - 6 sves

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