Hornets Soccer
9/07/2023 Bishop LeBlond 4, Chillicothe 0
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Coach Cunningham says:
      "LeBlond was able to capitalize on every mistake we made tonight, and we were not able to do the same. Was a frustrating match on a lot of levels, but I hope we can learn from the mistakes and continue to improve and compete as a team."


LeBlond 1st Half 15:49 LeBlond - Calvin Adkins Goal
LeBlond 1st Half 17:59 LeBlond - Davis Jungbluth Goal
LeBlond 1st Half 20:34 LeBlond - Cooper Waterman Goal
LeBlond 2nd Half 18:11 LeBlond - Davis Jungbluth Goal
Shots on Goal Chillicothe: 6 shots 2 corner kicks
Shots on Goal LeBlond: 13 shots, 6 corner kicks
Chillicothe Goalkeeper:  James Mathew - 5 saves
LeBlond Goalkeeper:: Cole Stevenson - 6 saves

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