Hornets Soccer
9/15-16/2023 Moberly Tournament
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Coach Cunningham says:
   Moberly 2, Chillicothe 1 - CHS Jacob Adams 1st half 1:20 Moberly - Ryan O'Loughlin, Gabe Runde
   Crocker 2, Chillicothe 1 - CHS  Jacob Adams 1st Half 1:11 Crocker -  Sean Faulkner,Johnny Carriger
   Green Ridge 2, Chillicothe 1 -  CHS Jacob Adams 1st Half 1:20 GR - Mark Pavliogio, Raul Ramirez
   Each game was a mirror image, we played well at times, but just made to many mistakes to come out on top. This is a grueling 3 match in 24 hours tournament and hopefully we will learn to limit our mistakes and capitalize on a few more of our opportunities.

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