Hornets Soccer
10/28/2023 at Chillicothe 4, Savannah 3
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 Coach Cunningham Says:
Our guys showed a ton of mental toughness today.  Going down 3 to 1 with 20 minutes to play, our seniors rallied us back, scoring 3 times in about 14 minutes.  Jacob Adams, Jadon Collins, Josh Adams, Jonny Sanchez, Tyler Stephens and James Mathew put the team on their backs and carried us to victory!:


Chillicothe 1st Half 05:52 Goal: Jaden Collins, Assist Jacob Adams
Savannah 1st Half 14:56 Goal: Connor Engel Assist not listed
Savannah 2nd Half 00:36 Goal: Sutton Snipes Assist not listed
Savannah 2nd Half 19:14 Goal Kris O'Neal, Assist not listed
Chillicothe 2nd Half 21:13 Goal: Jacob Adams, Assist Josh Adams
Chillicothe 2nd Half 26:16 Goal: Jacob Adams, Assist Coy Jones
Chillicothe 2nd Half 37:31 Goal :Josh Adams Assist: Jonny Sanchez
Shots on Goal Chillicothe: 6 shots,7 corner kicks
Shots on Goal Savannah: 14 shots, 5 corner kicks
Chillicothe Goalkeeper:  James Mathew - 11 Saves
Savannah Goalkeeper:: Jonathan Summers- 4 Saves

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