Chillicothe Hornets Wrestling
2/6/2024 Triangular vs Benton & Oak Grove
<Season Results>


  Chillicothe 51, Benton 30
106 Jace Hail lost to Cristian Mora Perez by pin in 0:49
113 James Hail beat Kemper Gehring 8 to 1
120 Carter Shipers beat Brenden Fuk by pin in 1:34
126 Coy Jones won with a bye
132 Kain Rose beat Kyler Eichler by pin in 1:24
138 Isaiah Myers beat Charles Wells  by pin in 1:25
144 Landon Thompson won with a bye
150 Henry Hurtgen lost to Gage Snodgrass by pin in 1:04
157 Lane Nickell beat Cadin Stout by pin in 2:58
165 Open to Kaden Lee
175 Caden Larson beat Aiden Orellanes of Benton by pin in 0:35
190 Brody Carins beat Diego Barren by pin in 1:52
215 Martin Moore lost to Jason Blue by pin in 3:54
285 Bo Smith beat David Peters by pin in 3:17
  Chillicothe 60, Oak Grove 24
106 Jace Hail lost to Kale Martin by pin in 1:22
113 James Hail beat Dustin Lor by pin in 0:20
120 Carter Shipers won with a bye
126 Luke Nickel; won with a bye
132 Kyler Eichler won with a bye
138 Isaiah Myers won with a bye
144 Landon Thompson lost to Ryan Raney by pin in 3:08
150 Henry Hurtgen won with a bye
157 Lane Nickell lost to Jordan Hall by pin in 0:41
165 open to Dalton Dinsmore
175 Cayden Larson beat Daniel Seymour by pin in 1:17
190 Brody Carins beat Elliot Atwell by pin in 2:56
215 Martin Moore beat Owen Blansit by pin in 3:48
285 Bo Smith beat Grant McGinnis by pin in 0:29

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