Chillicothe Baseball Records
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Team Records

Hits: 242 - 2004
Runs: 194 - 1999
RBIs: 194 - 1999
Batting Avg: .366 - 2003
Fielding %: 
.955 - 2015
ERA: 1.607 - 2017

                Chillicothe's First Game of the Modern Era
On March 25th, 1997 Chillicothe defeated St Joseph Christian 43-1 in 4 1/2 innings. Chillicothe scored 10 runs in the 1st inning and 20 runs in the 4th inning. 18 Chillicothe players recorded a total of 32 hits in the game  and the Hornets stole 27 bases. St Joseph Christian was held to 3 hits.

First Pitch: Brett Hecker to Steve Bankey, fastball strike
First Strike Out: Brett Hecker, Strike out looking (2nd batter)
First Put Out: 2-5 caught steeling, Bankey to 3B Jesse Bowe to end 1st
First At Bat: Justin Walter (Struck out looking)
First Hit: Wyatt Pickering, single with one out in the 1st
First Walk: Jesse Bowe, 1st inning
First Stolen Base: Josh Bruce (stole 2nd base in 1st inning)
First Extra Base Hit: Justin Walter, double in the 1st inning
First Runner to Score: Josh Bruce
First RBI: Wyatt Pickering
(Thanks to Jim Wheeler for the list of firsts)

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