1905 Chillicothe Hornets
Coach John Stone

Record 0 - 3 Points For  0
Conference None Points Against 84
Sat. Oct. 21 Brookfield Lost 0 - 45
(From the Chillicothe Constitution) "The football eleven of the Brookfield High School found the Chillicothe aggregation no trouble Saturday. The husky Linn warriors ran the score up so high that the accounters lost track. Semi-official "returns" place it at 45 to 0.
     The visitors out-pointed the locals at every stage. They showed far more experience and better generalship than did the victims of their onslaughts. Considering the short time since organization the Chillicotheans, however, put up a good game. They were simply outclassed.
     The Brookfield team works harmoniously while, on the other hand, some of the new members of the defeated eleven forgot the signals of their captain. The regular half-back and another player were absent and the break in the lineup was fatal.
     The locals fought stubbornly and only gave ground at the fierce rushes of Brookfield. A fair sized crowd watched the contest. Before another game the Chillicothe eleven will be benefited by a great deal of practicing."
Sat Oct. 28 at Gallatin Lost 0 - 16
(From the Chillicothe Constitution) "The Gallatin eleven won from the Chillicothe High School team at Gallatin Saturday afternoon by the score, 16 to 0. The visitors put up a stubborn fight and made a considerably better showing than they did here against Brookfield a week ago Saturday."
Sat Nov. 11 Brookfield Lost 0 - 23
(From the Chillicothe Constitution): The Brookfield High School eleven defeated a mixed team composed of Normal and High school students at South Park Saturday afternoon by the score, 23-0. The game was fairly exciting and the local boys, who averaged more weight than the visitors, fought their level best.
     Brookfield made one or two rather sensational runs. The team as a whole, showed more consistent headwork than did Chillicothe. The winners, too, had a great advantage in being far more active than the opposing lineup.
     A fair crowd watched the game and did all in its power to encourage the losing Chillicotheans."

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