1906 Chillicothe Hornets

Top Row: Victor Hornback (Captain), James Campbell, Prof. A. E. Coopers (Faculty Manager), Chas. Barkshire (Business Manager), Coach John Stone, Everett Perryman, Clarence Grace.
Second Row
: Mervin Jones, Buford Colby, David French, Hiram Lankford, Clyde Deardorff,
Bottom Row:
Edwin Hornback, Nolan Chapman, Hollis Mumpower, Max Gordon, Benjamin Holcer



1 - 3

Points For




Points Against


From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     The High School foot ball team this year is quite an improvement over last year's team and we have one thing to be proud of and that is, we have "Clean Foot Ball."
     We are handicapped in foot ball in the following ways: (1) Lack of material: (2) Changing of rules; (3) Lack of scrub team; (4) Lack of foot ball spirit in the High School.
     The material we have is good but there is not enough of it. The eligibility rules also kept some good men out of the game. The boys are lacking in weight compared to other teams but are very fast on their feet. The lack of a second team is one of our greatest drawbacks. To have a team of any kind we need hard scrimmage work. We also need football enthusiasm in the school to insure a successful team.
     We played but few games this year but in the games we played, our boys showed ability and by the time the next High School. Annual is published, the Chillicothe High School football team will be the best in Northern Missouri.
     The football boys desire to thank Messrs. Stone and Pitts for their aid in coaching.


Sept. 29


Lost  5 - 6


Oct. 13

Chillicothe Normal School

Won  5 - 0


Oct. 20

at Wesleyan College-Cameron

Lost  0 - 16


Nov. 3

Chillicothe Normal School

Lost  2 - 11

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