1908 Chillicothe Hornets

Top Row:
Robert Packard, Chester Baum, Otto Weddle, Edgar Jones, Lee Brookshire.
Second Row:
Supt. A. R. Coburn (Faculty Mgr) Earl Markee, Julius Meinershagen, Herman Shiflet, Harry Kinsey, Allie Howard, Coach Douglass Stewart.
Third Row:
Mervin Jones Student Mgr, Lester Wikoff, Anson Atwell (Captain), Gilp Brant, John Atwell.
Bottom Row:
David French, Buel Swope


4 - 4

Points For




Points Against


From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     The fall of 1908 rolled around, finding football material scare, only six of last year's players being with us.
     For three weeks the players were drilled every evening in signal practice, trying different men out and showing them the fine points of the game. Graduates of the Chillicothe High School and others interested in the team, coached us. With seven inexperienced players the first game of the season was played.
 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)
Sat. Sept. 26 Carrollton Lost  0 - 12
 "With seven inexperienced players the first game of the season was played September 26th on the Normal gridiron, against the strong team from Carrollton. Nevertheless our boys made a good showing, being outweighed about four pounds to the man."   
Sat. Oct. 3 Brookfield Lost 10 - 15
 "On October 3rd, we played Brookfield, our old rivals, and in a lifeless game and full of flunks, the visitors carried off the big end of the score."
Fri. Oct. 9 at Braymer Won  6 - 0
 "On October 9th, we went to Braymer and had a very interesting game. There we won our first victory of the season. A large crowd of rooters accompanied the team and won the day for us."
Sat. Oct. 17 Breckenridge Won 20 - 0
 "On October 17th we scalped the Breckenridge team to the tune of 20-0. This was a fast and interesting game, the only drawback being the short halves."
Fri. Oct. 30 Meadville Won  6 - 0
 "On the 24th of October, we journeyed to Carrollton to get revenge for our defeat that we received on September 26th. On account of the bad weather the game was called off. Although it was a tiresome trip, everyone had a good time.
 "On October 30th the strong Meadville team came to Chillicothe expecting to carry off the laurels of the season, but in a well fought battle the red and black came out six points to the good."
Fri. Nov. 6 St Joseph Central Won  6 - 5
 "Our best game of the season was pulled off on our home grounds November 6th, when the undefeated team from St. Joe came. The touted eleven came here with intentions of whipping our boys to a stand still, but by hard playing we won the game by the score of six to five. After the kick-off it took St Joe eleven minutes of hard line plunging to score its first touchdown and then they failed to kick goal. In the second half an onside kick by St. Joe was captured by Chillicothe which resulted in a touchdown and an easy goal. Two games have been played with St. Joe, one this year and one last, Chillicothe winning both. St. Joe's defeat was celebrated by the famous "shirt-tail parade.""
Thu. Nov. 26 at Carrollton Lost 0 - 32
 "The last game of the season was played at Carrollton on Thanksgiving day before a crowd of three hundred people. It would be useless to tell the game in detail for it was a referee's game instead of a foot-ball game. We received several bad decisions and finally refused to play until a new referee was procured. Only once did we ginger up and play ball, then we easily advanced the ball seventy yards only to lose it on a fumble."
Sat. Nov. 28 Livingston County Club Lost 5 - 6
 "A post season game was played November 8th with the Livingston County Club of the University. Notwithstanding that we were in no condition to play, we did our best with the final score of ? Oh, well, 'nuff said"

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