1913 Chillicothe Hornets
Record 3 - 3 Points For 89
Conference None Points Against 92
Coach - Nolan Chapman C - Johnson
C - Roy Elmore-Sr G - Kleinschmidt
G - Forrest Brown-Jr G - Irvin Putnam-Jr
T - Curtis Perryman-Sr T - Horace Scruby-Jr
T - Leon Dennis E -James  Bayless
E - Claude Cover E - Courtney Campbell-Sr
E - John Atwell QB - Robert Reed-Jr
QB - Forres Brown FB - Van Chapman-Jr
RHB - Charles Glasgow-Sr RHB - Curtis Perryman - Sr
LHB - Frank Batta-Jr LHB - Roscoe Phillips-Sr
From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     "Early in the season a sign was posted on the bulletin board for all boys, interested in any way in football, to meet and elect officers.
     By the number that turned out at the meeting it was shown that Foot Ball most surely was going to be a success that season.
     The material for the team was good; but a great deal of hard practice was required to "break in" the team, for most of the men were "new material" and had to be coached in all lines of the game.
     A committee was appointed in place of electing a manager, and it was to secure the games and look after the financial affairs. One great trouble was getting enough boys out to practice to furnish material for two teams.
     The team owes a great deal to Nolan Chapman for his excellent and appreciable aid in coaching the team, and much valuable information be imparted to them."
 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)
Fri Oct. 3 at Braymer Won 19 - 6
 "The first game of the season was with Braymer in that lovely little city. A big crowd went with the team and they were more than repaid by the glorious victory won.
  Some of the boys, fearing they might deprive ladies of a comfortable place on the specious to coach local, went ahead on a special (side door)
   The C. H. S. rooters sure made some noise, when they arrived on the field, and although the Braymer team was bigger, they showed a lack of properly developed lungs.
   From the kick off it was easily seen to be an easy victory for C.H.S. Only once, by a fumble, Braymer got possession of the ball near their goal and went over the line for a touchdown.
   One Braymer man who attempted to tackle Phillips got a free ride, although not a very pleasant one, from all appearances. After that the game on Braymer's part was seeing how quickly they could get out of our way. It was so tame that even Kleinschmidt did not lose his temper. The score tells the story and everyone came away with high hopes for the remainder of the season.
   The Chillicothe bunch was just as good eaters as football players for they cleaned out Braymer's one restaurant."
Sat Oct. 11 at Breckenridge Lost  7 - 36
Sat Oct. 18 Brookfield Lost  6- 14
Fri. Oct. 24 Braymer Won 37 - 6
Fri Nov. 7 St Joseph C. B. C. Lost  6 - 24
Thu Nov. 27 Chillicothe Business College 2nds Won 14 - 6

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