1916 Chillicothe Hornets

Record 5 - 2 - 2 Points For 132
Conference None Points Against  85

Coach: F. M. "Brownie" Lewis
Assistant Coach: Dr. H. C. Phillips

Player Roster
(Starters in Bold Letters)

RT George Adams      

Jr 150

 C  Raymond Brown    

Sr 147

LT  Earl Beckler         

Fr 135

RE Dick Taylor            

Jr 135

FB  James Anderson   

Sr 175

RG Leroy Boehner      

Sr 140

FB  Burdette Dowell     

Jr 148

LHB Marion Winn        

Jr 154

RHB Lester Cies        

So 148

LG Lowell Barrett

So 138

QB Paul Arthaud 

Sr 140

LE  Mortimer Barney

Sr 138

RT  Lee Bryan     

Jr 156

RE Fred Burke     

Jr 150

RG Joe Clark         

Jr 155

LHB Sam Dennis   

Jr 158

LE  Kelly Cesar    

So 121




"Our Backfield"


From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     "It was early in September when the Foot Ball candidates went to training on the Bennett Field.
     The first few nights at practice, thirty and fourth men reported, but the novelty had worn off and the prospective candidates for the team saw that Coach Lewis intended to make them work and work hard for their places. Some of the would be players lost heart and quit coming out, thus reducing the squad about half, but despite these obstacles a squad of men developed into hardy Foot Ball players.
     The squad at these times was aided a great deal by suggestions from Dr. H. C. Phillips the former Vet Star.
     The Coaches Lewis and Phillips put us at work falling on the ball till that piece of work was mastered. We then mastered the Art of tackling and then catching the Ball.
     With all this work mastered very well we were given a set of signals consisting of twenty-five different plays to learn.
 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)
Fri Sept. 29 at Brookfield Tie  7 - 7
 "The players left for Brookfield full of pep and aiming to bring the scalps of the Brookfield players home with them. A hot contest was played, Brookfield making the first touchdown in the first quarter. This making the CHS players blood run more freely gave them more pep and they came back with what they were given and a touchdown was made in the second quarter. Both teams fighting with all their strength now the ball was only to be moved a few feet each way the remainder of the game."
Fri Oct. 6 at Cameron Lost  0 - 30
 "Cameron was a much heavier team and a more experienced team. The final result was that we were clasped into their hands and our scalps removed."
Fri Oct. 13 Laclede Lost  0 - 35
 "A fairly good crowd watched the Laclede boys walk on us."

  "After losing two games the players did not get discouraged but got more fighting spirit in their blood. They practiced harder than usual and was given a few new plays which worked fine in the last games. They practiced with the Chillicothe Business College team about three nights of the week. They gathered up a few new stunts about playing which came in handy. They also got so much spirit in them that they quit smoking during the foot ball season.
Sat Oct. 21 at Gallatin Won  19 - 0
 "It was a very easy game for Chillicothe after their practices with C.B.C. A touchdown was made in the first five minutes of play. The game tightened a little towards the last."
Thu Oct. 26 at Linneus Won  31 - 0
 *No details mentioned of this game*
Fri Nov. 10 Albany Won  25 - 3
 *No details mentioned of this game*


Nov. 18


Won  26 - 0



Fred Burke 15 yard run

Kick    7 - 0



Fred Burke 15 yard run

K Fail 13 - 0



Touchdown-no details

Kick   20 - 0



Lester Cies run

K Fail 26 - 0






Nov. 24


Won  18 - 0



Marion Winn run

K Fail   6 - 0



Touchdown-no details

K Fail  12 - 0



Sam Dennis run

K Fail  18 - 0





Thu Nov. 30 at Maryville Tie  6 - 6
 "The last game was played at Maryville on Thanksgiving Day. We went out on the field with all the pep that was to be had but after the game had been going on about five minutes the Referee "Slob" Moore began taking it out of us. But we played with all the spirit that was to be had under that condition. We scored in the first five minutes of play and would of scored a few more times but it was impossible. But we did not let the score until the last half. We came near beating Maryville anyway."

Note: First mention of "Hornets" as the School Mascot. This was mentioned in a newspaper article but not mentioned in the School Yearbook.

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