Chillicothe Sports Pictures

A member of the 1906 Chillicothe Hornets Football Team.
The device around his neck was a molded rubber nose guard. Some
of the guards also had a plastic tag on the bottom that was used
as an early version of a mouth piece. The guard was attached
to a leather strap that went around the head.

The basketball from Chillicothe's first organized Boys Basketball team
in 1910-11 The team went 2-1 on the season, scoring 99 points
and allowing 63 points. Notice the laces on the outside of the
basketball. In the early days, dribbling was legal but also considered
as showing off, so teams usually only passed the ball.

Fans from a 1919 Chillicothe Football game.

A Hornets football game in 1919. Notice the lack of
numbers or emblems on the uniforms.

Hornets Kick Off in a game from 1919

1921 Hornets driving for a touchdown. Notice the construction
of the goal posts in the end zone.

The 1921 Hornets Football team, ready to play

Train schedules played a strong role in scheduling opponents during
the early seasons. Teams often traveled by train in the early days.
Here, a crowd of 1923 Hornet fans give their team a big send off

Chillicothe vs Jamesport in 1924. The Hornets won this season
opening game 33-0 and finished 4-5 on the year

1924 Hornets on the right, their unknown opponent is on
the left with the striped sleeves.

A typical Hornets uniform from 1924. Don't those pants look
comfortable to play in?

1924 Chillicothe hosting Gallatin. Chillicothe won the game
6-0 on a 2nd quarter touchdown.

1925 Football game. Notice a lack of yard markers, and the
high grass behind the safety.

1925 Hornets football game. Even in the early days,
the Hornets always drew a big crowd.

A trumpet player entertains a 1927 Hornets crowd.
An early version of the Chilli Peppers?

In the 20s and into the 30s, "yell leaders" were usually
both male and female. These are from 1927.

1936 Chillicothe at Trenton (the 2nd year for the stadium that
Trenton still uses today) Chillicothe lost 7-6 but won their
first ever Football Conference Title (NCMC)
Note the game official on the left, dressed all in white.

The 1939 Hornets State Champion Track Team.
Joe Shy led the team by winning the 220 and taking 2nd
in the 120 High Hurdles and the Long Jump

1939 Chillicothe Wrestling Team. They finished 3rd in state,
with one 2nd place and four 3rd place medalists

The 1945 Chillicothe Hornets, they finished 4-3 on the season
Note the more modern uniforms, complete with numbers on the
jersey and pants that actually fit.

1947 Chillicothe Homecoming Crowd

Chillicothe's Paul Danclovic scores on a 69 yard run
to give Chillicothe a 13-0 1947 Homecoming win over Trenton

1948 - Sonny Kenny scores on a 4th quarter pass from
Larry James to give the Hornets a 7-6 come from behind
win over Trenton (who are wearing the striped sleeves).

A Chillicothe defender tackles a Macon ball carrier in a 1949 game.
The game ended in a 6-6 tie and snapped a 14-game Macon
winning streak. It was one of the few high points of an 0-6-3
Hornets season. 1949 was one of only four years the Hornets
have gone winless since 1904. (1905 0-3, 1912 0-2, 1918 0-3)


(Above) 1954 Chillicothe vs Marceline Homecoming game.
Chillicothe scored in the third quarter to take a 20-14 win.
The Hornets finished 2nd in conference


(Left Picture) 1954 Chillicothe Right Halfback Lyle Buck
runs with the football. Buck led the team with
11 rushing touchdowns and 2 touchdown passes.
He was selected 2nd team all district and guided
the Hornets to a 7-2 record.

1954 Chillicothe Hornets (Above and right)


1947-48 Chillicothe Basketball Tournament Awards Presentation
Chillicothe finished 2nd in the 16 team tournament. They went
20-4 on the season and were the first Hornets Basketball team
to play in the State Tournament

A packed house watches Chillicothe beat arch-rival Kirksville
in the 1949-50 season. This is the old Chillicothe High School
Auditorium that was home to Chillicothe basketball until the
Field House was built in the mid 1970s.

1956-57 Hornets Basketball in the old High School Auditorium.
Notice the scoreboard on the back wall.

1958-59 Hornets Basketball jump ball. Unlike today, a tie-up would
result in a jump ball between the two players. This one is at the Free Throw
line. The 1958-59 team went 24-4 and won the NCMC with a 14-0 record.
They were led by 1st team All State Jody Conrad and HM All State Jr.
Jerry Parrish

1959-60 Chillicothe Tournament Champions. The team finished 29-2,
losing in the State Quarterfinals.

(Left Picture) #45 Jerry Parrish in action for the Hornets in his 1959-60
Senior season. Arguably the best basketball player in Hornets history,
Parrish was 1st team All State and led the Hornets with an amazing
827 points in 30 games (Chillicothe won one game by forfeit).
Parrish scored 40 or more points three times in the season,
and had a string of  8 games where he scored 30 or more points
 per game. These  records, set decades before the 3 point shot,
still stand today.

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