Demolition of the old Chillicothe High School
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Work begins removing the roof

Two weeks later (Taken July 19, 2009)

View from the back

More than 100,000 students entered these doors over a 75 span.

The Field House addition and the Middle School addition will remain standing and in use.

The third floor is coming down

Demolition work continues (July 25th, 2009)

The grand entrance is gone, only the steps remain

From the field house steps, looking down the front of the building

The front of the school is nearly gone.

Southeast Corner

From the back. Notice the one of the old ventilation fans in the bottom left.
That's a full sized car parked next to it.

From the back, the stage/old basketball court. Notice the years of graffiti in the attic.

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Almost Done
(Taken August 14, 2009)

Only a small part remains

East side of the field house addition, a new outside wall will be built

An 80-year old steel beam stands strong and proud

Cleaning up, from the rear

Nearly gone, but never forgotten.


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