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Tournament Time!
<Hornets Basketball Records>

1947-48 Hornets

          High School Basketball Tournaments were not always the eight team cut and dried weeklong affairs popular today. In the early years, the standard tournament format in the regular season was sixteen teams, single elimination with first and third place games. Saturday was normally a doubleheader day for players with semifinal games in the afternoon and first and third place games that night. Regional Tournaments, now called District Tournaments, also featured somewhat meaningless third place games.
      Perhaps the most unusual tournament was the regional tournament of 1948. Chillicothe sported a 20-2 record heading into the championship showdown with Maryville. The Hornets lost 39-16, but both teams were given berths into the State Tournament, with Chillicothe receiving a #4 ranking. In their first ever State Tournament game, the Hornets lost in Springfield to Rocky Comfort 45-34


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