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1907 Hornet Track Team

    Chillicothe high school has had great success in sending athletes to college and, in a few cases, brief careers in the professional leagues. However in the 100-plus years of athletics at CHS, who was the first to generate statewide laurels? It was a track star named Earl Steele. Here's what the 1907 Chillicothe Cresset School Yearbook says about Steele.

     The Chillicothe High School has an athlete who will, before long, hold the world's record for the mile run, and that athlete is Mr. Earl Steele, a popular member of the Senior Class.
     Mr. Steele by frequent runs to his home, nine miles from the city, has developed into a "miler" with good speed and wonderful endurance.
    At the track and field meet, held at Chillicothe he easily took the first places in the mile and half mile run and third place in the quarter.
     On May 4th, Mr. Steele entered the mile run at the Inter-High School meet held at Columbia, MO. At this meet there were some fast hard-trained runners but for the first three-quarters Steele made those runners travel faster than they ever dreamt they could go.
     He led the race until within one hundred yards of the line when two runners "sprinted on him" and all three coming in close together. Steele got third prize, a bronze medal. The judges of the meet were surprised at his speed and endurance and spoke favorably of him as a "miler." His time was about 4:52.
     Steele ran in the Class B Mile race at the Washington University track meet, held in St Louis, Saturday May 18 and easily took the gold medal. He sprang ahead on the start and kept the lead the entire mile, winning by 60 yards. Although running in B class he made the best record of all "milers" in both classes. His time was 4:48 lowering the High School record 3 seconds.
     Without a trainer he has his time down to 4:48 and next year under a coach, he is sure to lower that record. Here's wishing him "success."

    Steele's time of 9:50 held for three years before being broken by 1.2 seconds by another Missourian.
     Steele was also a member of the 1911 four-mile relay team whose record of 18:56 stood for several years.

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