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The Original Triple Threat
<Hornet Football Records>.

     He electrified fans and confused defenses. Catch up with Chillicothe's original offensive triple threat weapon, three time all state running back David White.
     Here David talk about Coach Fairchild, his teammates and how football helped shape his success in life.

                    <Listen To The Interview>

David White's Chillicothe Football Career 1986 - 1989
Career Points Scored: 354 (2nd all time)
Career Touchdowns (All): 58 (2nd all time)
Career Rushing Touchdowns: 43 (4th all time)
Career Receiving Touchdowns: 13 (7th all time)
Career Interception Touchdowns: 2
Career Rushing Attempts: 464 (7th all time)
Career Rushing Yards: 3,518 (3rd all time)
Career Avg Yards per Carry 7.48 (8th all time)
Career Passing Attempts: 106
Career Passing Completions: 65
Career Passing Yards: 1,211 (10th all time)
Career Completion Percentage: 61.32% (1st all time)
Career Yards Per Completion: 18.63
Career Passing Touchdowns: 10
Career Receptions: 94 (2nd all time)
Career Reception Yardage: 1,283 (2nd all time)
Career Yards Per Reception: 13.65


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