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Unbreakable Records

   There is an old saying that says "records are meant to be broken." However, there are a few records in Hornet sports that have stood the test of time and may never be broken.

Football - One-Two Combination
    In the early days of football, towns of all sizes formed teams to compete in the growing wildcat sport of football. Some of these towns probably should not of bothered. On Nov 24 1921 Chillicothe beat Pattonsburg 84-0. Two notable performances came from QB Bertram Clark who scored 9 touchdowns and 54 points, and Russell White who kicked 12 of 12 Extra Points. Given the modern day "4th quarter running clock" combined with attempts to schedule quality opponents and bigger roster numbers, these are good candidates for unbreakable records.

Football - Back to Back
     November of 1921 was a banner month for Hornet football. Chillicothe beat Hamilton 81-0 on the 18th and 6 days later beat Pattonsburg 84-0. I really don't see back to back 80+ point games ever coming again in Hornets Football.

Football - Most Points
     In the 1920 season, Meadville's varsity football team played Chillicothe's 2nd string (now known as Junior Varsity) and beat them fairly handily. In proof that trash talking is nothing new, Meadville stated they could beat the Chillicothe Varsity team just as easily. On Nov 10, 1920 Meadville showed their mouth was bigger than their talent when Chillicothe won 90-6. No official scoring rundown or individual stats are available for this game, which are the most points ever scored by Chillicothe football. Again, with modern rules and sportsmanship, this one likely will never be broken.

Basketball - Who Wants In?
     Chillicothe boys basketball was having a pretty good game against Cameron in 1942 when Coach Pat Bradshaw starting using substitutes in the game. Then more, and more, calling up "middle school players" which I assume were freshmen players. By the time the game ended, 19 Chillicothe players got into the game. I'm not sure this is even allowable anymore by state rules.

Basketball - Give It To Jerry
     Chillicothe had a pretty good basketball team in 1959-60, led by Jerry Parrish, who scored 827 points that season. That's more than 25 years before the three point shot was invented. In the 55 years since, the closest anyone has come to that single season mark was Eric Hemmer with 679 points in 1995-96. Unless they invent a 6 point shot, I don't see Parrish's record falling anytime soon.

Basketball - Shoot the Ball!

     the 1969-70 basketball was a high scoring season, The top 6 single game team scores in history all came from that season, including a 118 point effort against Marceline. With the 4th quarter mercy rule now in effect, this may last for another 45 years.

Basketball - Try A Little Harder
     Modern day "running clock" rules make some of these records unbreakable. Two such efforts came for the Boys in 1953 when they beat Milan on the road by 80 points, and the girls who beat Braymer in 1980 by 74 points. These will stand for a while longer.

Baseball - Start This Right
     When Hornets Baseball began (in the modern era) in 1997, it had some athletes on the team. In the season opener their first season, for some reason they played a game at home against tiny St Joseph Christian. In four and a half innings, Chillicothe won 43-1, an unconfirmed state record. The Hornets scored 20 runs in one inning, had 32 hits in the game and stole 27 bases. These records will all be on top for quite a while.

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