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Weirdness from the Early Days

     Chillicothe high school sports dates back more than 110 years, with Basketball starting in 1910, Football starting in 1904 and track starting before that. There were few rules and even fewer officials in those wild-west early years. Here are a few examples.

Football 1905 Little is known about the first year of football in 1904 other than they went 2-1 on the year. The first official score of a Chillicothe football game was Oct 21, 1905 when they beat Brookfield at home. Accounts of the day stated "Semi-official returns place it at 45-0." That's close enough for me.

Football 1910 1909 was a banner year for Chillicothe, going 6-1. The players hoped for the same coach to return, but his $300 asking price was too high for the school board. The first game was played with out a coach and the team lost 11-10. A player that graduated the previous year stepped in and the team won the next 5 games, allowing only one score, to finish 5-1

Football 1915 This seasoned opened with a loss in an "Alumni game" and ended with a win over a "Student team" that made fun of the official team. It would be their only win of the season.

Football 1921 The team won three games in seven days during this season, beating Maryville on a Friday, beating Braymer the following Monday and beating Plattsburg on Thursday.

Football 1927 Chillicothe allowed just 4 points total in the first three games combined in 1927. They also failed to win any of them, losing 2-0 the first two weeks and ended in a scoreless tie in week three. The team went 1-5-2, with the only win coming after the season when it was discovered Cameron used an ineligible player in a 25-6 Cameron win.  In this season, Chillicothe managed just four touchdowns: one run, one pass, one blocked punt recovery and one fumble return.

Boys Basketball 1910-11 In the first ever boys basketball game, the Hornets lost to Trenton in overtime 33-31. They would finish this lengthy first season at 2-1.

Boys Basketball 1918-19 The team lost at Mexico 83-3, the worst loss in history. The Cresset proclaimed the team was proud to lose to the best team in the state.

Boys Basketball 1928-29 If you thought 3 football games in a week was tough, try five basketball games in two days. It was the Boonville tournament and on Day One Chillicothe beat Jefferson City, then lost to California by one point. On Day Two, Chillicothe beat Lancaster, beat Fayette and lost to Armstrong by one point.

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