1938-39 Chillicothe Wrestling

Coach: Pat Bradshaw
State: 3rd (9 Wrestlers, 6 Medals)

(From Chillicothe Constitution Tribune – Mar. 13, 1939 Front Page)
Competed in the Missouri High School Tournament at Columbia
First Place went to Normandy H.S.; Ferguson Second.


     Chillicothe high school's wrestling team took third pace in the Missouri high school tournament staged at Columbia on Friday and Saturday of last week with two boys taking seconds and four getting thirds in competition against some of the largest high schools of the state.
     The local winners were:
95 pounds: T. J. Moore third.
115 pounds: Charles Veneman, third
135 pounds: Warren DeWitt, second
155 pounds: Homer Wilson, third
165 pounds: Leland Fair, third
185 pounds: Jess Brouhard, second
     Other Chillicothe wrestlers who were on the full team of nine men who participated in the meet were: James Snook at 105 pounds; Forrest Young at 125 pounds; and Claude Rinehart at 145 pounds.
     Normandy high school was first in the state tournament, Ferguson was second and Maplewood was fourth. All three schools are located in St Louis County and all had participated in eight or more meets before this contest.   Normandy was the defending champion. Other schools entered were University high of Columbia, Kansas City Central and Webster Groves of St Louis.
     The Chillicothe boys were highly complimented by their coach, J. E. Bradshaw, at the showing they made in the tournament. They were wrestling with little experience against boys who have been on state teams in past years. Their prowess on the mat, however, gave them credit that drew applause from the crowd. The bridging of Fair was one of the features of the entire contest. Young and Veneman lost in very close decisions.
     Chillicothe boys returned home with two prize stories to tell. They had the largest cheering section of any team and in most of the matches the section would change completely. Ferguson and Normandy were running close for the championship and every time a Chillicothe boy wrestled a boy from either school the team members from the other school yelled for the Hornets. Their pictures were all in the Kansas City Star yesterday morning, too, but no names were mentioned. A pictured showed a Kansas City boy being defeated and in the background the whole Chillicothe team was seated.
     The rules of the contest were interesting to know since they made for the fairest tournament that could be wished for. In the first place all punishment holds were barred. The boys wrestled two minutes and if there was no fall a coin was flipped to see who took the referee’s position for the next two minutes. If no fall occurred in that period the other boy took the mat in the position for another two minutes. If no fall resulted the referee was to render a decision. If a fall occurred in the first two minutes the winner was automatically declared. If a fall occurred in the second period the amount of time was figured and a like time was taken for a third turn on the mat

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