1940-41 Chillicothe Wrestling

Coach: Pat Bradshaw
State: unknown

2/21/41 Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune
Mexico Military Academy Is Defeated, 0-40, in Wrestling.
Mexico Military Academy lost every match and went down by a score of 40 to 0 here yesterday afternoon as Pat Bradshaw's Chillicothe High School wrestlers opened their 1941 season. Chillicothe won every bout by a fall.
     Although the Hornets were reported inexperienced, they wrestled with an enthusiastic vigor which was mere than encouraging against an M.M.A team described as "better than it was last year" when Chillicothe defeated them here.
     In addition to the regular matches, three extra bouts were arranged and all were won by Chillicothe boys, who pinned the opponents in good time.
     A return match will be played at Mexico Saturday, March 1.
     The summary:
       95 pound-Ralph Burner defeated R. Hepper in 4 minutes 13 seconds; points 6 to 4, Burner, before fall.
     105 pound-Richard Walker defeated Olander in 5:25; points 4 to 0 Walker before fall.
     115 pound-Martin Andrews defeated J. Wayman in 6:23; 2 to 1, Andrews, before fall.
     125 pound-Jimmy Stuart defeated J. Mather in 1:22; 2 to 0, Stuart before fall.
     135 pound-John Rinehart defeated E. Richards in 3:57; 8 to 7, Rinehart, before fall.
     145 pound-Roger Condron defeated R. Forties in 1:41; 2 to 0, Condron, to fall
     155 pound-Leonard Fair defeated R. Lasley in 1:14; to 0, Fair, to fall.
     165 pound- Howard Holt defeated G. Hill in 4:36.5; 6 to 5, Holt, to fall.
     145 pound-Laurence Dayton defeated McNeil in 4:05; 2 to 0, Rayton to fall.
     145 pound-Harry Dunfee defeated Podizmak in 1:40; 2 to 0, Dunfee, to fall.
     125 pound-Russell Taylor defeat Jed Mather in 4:00 to 0, Taylor, to fall.
     Holt and Dayton pinned their opponents in both overtimes of each bout.
3/3/41 Chillicothe Constitution Tribune
Local Schoolboys Lost Just Two Events in Winning Match at Mexico.

     Chillicothe high school wrestlers couldn’t make the same clean sweep through Missouri Military Academy grapplers they made two weeks ago, but they did triple the score Saturday afternoon to win an inter-school match at Mexico 30 to 10.
     The hornets lost only the 95 and 165 pound events to the Cadets.
Mack Ruth, associate coach, took the CHS squad to Mexico. Coach Pat Bradshaw had his basketball team at the regional tournament in St Joseph.
     The state wrestling meet is scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Columbia, and Bradshaw will take a squad of six or seven men to compete there. Last year Chillicothe won fourth place in the state meet.
     Results at MMA:
      95 pound-Robert Peeler (CHS) lost to Hepper, fall in 2 minutes.
     105 pound-Richard Walker won by forfeit
     115 pound-Martin Andrews won from Wayman in 6:30
     125 pound-Jim Stuart threw Mather in 5:30
     135 pound-John Rinehart won from E. Richards in 1:08 by fall
     145 pound–Roger Condron won from Forties by fall in 3:29
     155 pound-Leonard Fair won from R Lasley by fall in 2:40
     165 pound-Haynes (CHS) lost to Dickson by fall in 55 seconds.
3/7/41 Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune
     A squad of seven Chillicothe high school boys left with their coach, Pat Bradshaw, early this morning for Columbia to compete in the state high school wrestling tournament. The entry list of 127 athletes is the largest ever registered.
Schools entered are Normandy, Maplewood, Ferguson, Missouri Military Academy, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Mount Vernon, Chillicothe, Sedalia smith cotton, Ritenour of St Louis County and University High of Columbia
     Chillicothe contestants are 95 pounds Ralph Burner, 105 pounds Richard Walker, 115 pounds Martin Andrews, 125 pounds Jim Stuart, 135 pounds John Rinehart, 145 pounds Robert Condron and 155 pounds Leonard Fair.

(Results from State meet were not found)


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